You Need to Know Functions of Hot Stamping Foil

Release time:2020-09-14

Along with the mentioned uses of this hot stamping foil […]

Along with the mentioned uses of this hot stamping foil, a die-cutter and folder-gluer increases its flexibility even more. The MASTERFOLD has an accessory called SPEEDWAVE GT device that can boost the machine’s work by working a folder-gluer. This is an ideal accessory that is handy in folding and gluing lock-bottom boxes at maximum speed.

Even boxes with unusual openings and irregular shapes will work with this accessory. Approximately 3,000 different types of boxes can be folded and glued. This includes cardboard boxes, solid board boxes, corrugated board and even plastic boxes.

Folding, gluing and die-cutting machines offer increased versatility in most industrial applications. Since this machine offers a wealth of possibilities it has been chosen by more and more local and international companies.

This is a change from obtaining separate machines to work on each function. It does not just improve production, but can also save space and reduce the need to hire more employees or operators as well as reduce maintenance costs. These are truly indispensable machines that will serve a multitude of purposes for years to come.

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