What Can Heat Transfer Labels Bring to You?

Release time:2021-11-12

The heat transfer labels are the alternatives to tradit […]

The heat transfer labels are the alternatives to traditional sew-on labels and badges. It’s a viable printing technology, where the images are directly printed on the garment. The heat transfer process ensures that the design is embedded into the sublayers, without ruining the quality of Garment. Let’s dive into some points to understand the importance of heat transfer labels in the Clothing industry:

  1. Bring out exquisite look: The ex-factor of the heat transfer label is its photographic quality that improves the overall look of the product. It brings out the sharper text and gives finesse to the overall print. The sleeker and polished look bring out better customer engagement. Heat transfer labels are the most ideal labels for rough garments like denim, T-shirts, shirts, etc.
  2. Showcase multiple colors: Heat transfer clothing labels can be produced in a wide variety of colors and sizes for meeting customer’s needs and wants. Heat transfer technology has the capability of printing various colors at one time on one single garment. Every color tone, stripe & pattern are meticulously matched with the fashion to bring life to the clothing.
  3. Faster printing: Heat transfer clothing labels can be printed in the form of full-color images on the fabrics within a few seconds. It is an easy process and saves a lot of time. So, businesses can easily receive their bulk order without any delay and can start the labeling process of Garments on an early note.
  4. Don’t fade: Heat transfer labels are durable and long-lasting. They don’t fade easily. In fact, the ink of the heat transfers are quite strong that transfer bonds directly into the fiber of the fabric. This makes sure that the print doesn’t peel or crack off and the label looks part of the original design. These labels withstand environmental conditions like – temperature and moisture. Also, they are highly resistant to chemicals and don’t lose their shine, inspite of innumerable washes, extending the label’s lifespan.
  5. Versatile to various fabrics: Heat transfer clothing labels are suitable for all kinds of fabrics, be it – cotton, synthetic, nylon, silk, woollen, etc. They bring out a clean and seamless finish on the garment attracting eyeballs from the people around. Shoppers are able to clearly read all the important information written about the Garment.
  6. 100% skin-friendly: There are quality dyes available in the market, which are skin-friendly. Here at LYNX, We have installed the latest technology infrastructure which produces the best quality colors to be used for heat transfer labels. People don’t feel itching or redness due to these labels.
  7. Add sophistication: If you want your fashion brand to stand out, branding should be an integral part of the packaging. When we talk about heat transfer labels, they contribute towards the brand image. These tagless labels portray a level of design sophistication that is not possible with a tag. When shoppers see that your way of disclosing important information about the brand is distinct, then they get the impression that you truly care about every detail.
  8. Cost-saving: Maintenance costs of heat transfer labels are way lower in comparison to conventional brand labels. One doesn’t need a huge set up of machines. With fewer crowds of machines, the manufacturers are likely to face fewer jams, malfunctions, and breakdowns. This sums up into less cost of heat transfer labels, which ultimately helps lower the labeling budget of Garment manufacturers.
  9. Contributes to sustainability: Heat transfer clothing labels are environment friendly. They do not contain heavy metal, PVC, or lead. The colors are water-soluble and consume small amounts of energy. They are toxic-free and contribute towards Green initiatives.







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