What Are Differences Between Heat Transfer Machine and Ordinary Transfer Machine?

Release time:2021-03-01

The plastic bucket heat transfer machine needs a specia […]

The plastic bucket heat transfer machine needs a special heat transfer ink when transferring, and then uses the heat transfer technology for transfer. Look at ink and print media from the hardware point of view.

1. The difference of ink. The thermal transfer ink used in the thermal transfer machine is a heating transfer product, and the ink is needed when the thermal transfer ink is used. The heat transfer machine is to clearly transfer the pattern and text to other products to be transferred. Thermal transfer inks often use materials in thermal transfer machines. Compared with other dyes, this thermal transfer ink has brighter colors, thicker, and denser colors. Ordinary printers have low-grade inks and high-grade inks. The low-grade modes are all fully soluble inks. This kind of ink will not clog the nozzles. It can be easily absorbed by the material after printing. The color is bright and the cost is low. However, it is not waterproof and easy to fade. It’s not very suitable for some materials that need to be waterproof, usually printing pictures and some ordinary color inkjet business cards; high-end ink is a solid state dye that is ground into fine particles and then dissolved in a special solvent. , This dye has the same properties as the dye we need to print and dye clothes. But he uses the same color material to develop color on the copy paper. The pigment ink itself is waterproof and will not be decomposed by ultraviolet rays, and is light and water resistant.

2. Differences in printing media. The heat transfer machine has a kind of paper specially used for transfer. This kind of heat transfer paper uses special heat transfer ink to transfer the pattern to the special paper, and then transfers the pattern to the past with temperature and pressure. The printer used by the ordinary printer is ordinary paper such as ordinary copy paper.

Ordinary printers can only be used on paper products, while thermal transfer machines can also be used to transfer materials such as clothes.







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