We Tell Definition of Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine

Release time:2021-07-12

People keep asking how to use a plastic bucket heat tra […]

People keep asking how to use a plastic bucket heat transfer machine.

Some even ask what it is.

A heat press machine, heat transfer printing, t shirt heat press or simply t shirt press is the modern, no-fuss way of printing artwork onto t-shirts.

It is a great alternative to the classic screen printing.

Of course, when it comes to quality and longevity, screen printing still wins the game.

But from the regular customers’ point of view, they can’t tell the difference between a screen printed tee and one from a t shirt press.

This is a good thing for t-shirt entrepreneurs because not only is heat press printing easy and affordable to do, it also makes custom t-shirt printing possible.

With screen printing, the customers have to order in large quantities or else it would be too expensive per piece.

But with heat press machine or t shirt press, it’s still affordable even if they order one or one thousand.

No wonder the t shirt heat press is a favorite of many t-shirt entrepreneurs.

If you just bought one, you might be wondering how to use a heat press machine.

Well, here is a basic guide on how to use the machine.







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