We Recommend You to Learn Heat Transfer Printing Film

Release time:2021-10-25

Cad-cut heat transfer printing film is ideally suited f […]

Cad-cut heat transfer printing film is ideally suited for smaller quantities, such as DIY projects. During this process, the film is cut with a vinyl cutter to create the design. The excess material must then be pulled away from the design, which is called weeding. Once weeding is completed, the film is placed on the fabric, and quickly pressed with heat. The plastic backing will easily pull away after, leaving the completed design sticking permanently to the fabric.

Cad-cut heat transfer films offer superior opacity, which helps control any possible ink bleeding and the heat temperature during the press. This makes it a great choice for blocking dye migration on polyester and sublimated garments. Hot melt films can offer great results for projects with these necessities:

Quick setting time: With low activation temperatures, hot melt adhesives are a great solution for the HM layer of heat transfer films, specifically polyurethane or vinyl-based colored film. It can also bond quickly to end-use textiles.
Successful Weeding: Hot melt films allow clean-cut removal of excess material with good tear resistance and strength.







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