Take you to know the type of heat transfer machine

Release time:2021-12-10

        There are three main types of heat transfer mac […]

        There are three main types of heat transfer machine. The main types of heat transfer machines have their own characteristics and advantages, which should be carefully considered.

  Drawing hot press

  Also known as a drawer-type heat-press, this machine has a movable lower plate that can be pulled toward the operator. Before pushing the garment back and pressing the label on it, the garment stretches on this plate. This type of press allows heat to be drawn away from the operator during use. The top plate of the stretch heat press remains stationary.

  This choice is most suitable for labels that require a certain degree of accuracy. If automated, it is also ideal for printing large numbers of labels. The stretch heat press is small in size, easy to transport, time-saving, and easy to use. The ability to layout the area and pull out the lower panel allows the operator to clearly see the clothing area.

  If there is not enough space in the place where the stretch heat press is used, please be aware that this type of machine will take up space when the lower plate is pulled out. Likewise, clothing made of bulky materials may not produce the desired results.


  This particular machine has a hinge between its top plate and bottom plate. The machine opens like a flip cover, and the top plate can swing to the side. There are two versions of the clamshell heat-press, manual and automatic. This type of heat press is very suitable for beginners because it is very easy to put clothes on the machine for transfer. If you have a manual flip-top heat-press, you may need to open and close the top at the beginning and end of the transfer process. Once the timed transfer process is complete, the automatic version will open.

  The clamshell-style is ideal for a large number of garments that need to be labeled because it is easy to place the garment on the machine. It is also very suitable for first-time purchases for small businesses that have just entered thermal transfer clothing labeling.

  This type of heat press is an excellent alternative to other heat presses because it is the most portable of the three types and takes up the least space. Companies wishing to use this kind of media to participate in trade events will find that flip cover is the most convenient option.

  If you need to label thicker or larger items, the clamshell type may not be suitable. In addition, due to the way the machine is turned on, the layout area is not as visible as other types.

  More pressure is needed to ensure correct printing with a clamshell heat press. If the pressure is not enough or the applied pressure is not uniform, it may cause quality degradation. The clamshell heat press also requires a certain level of skill, so it may not be suitable for beginners.

  When using a flip-top heat-press, the transfer process takes more time to complete. Finally, although it is portable, when the top plate swings to the side, the flip cover takes up space.

  When trying to determine the best heat press for you, it is important to consider what daily productivity you need and the end result you want to achieve. Then, find a machine that can help you easily achieve that goal. Welcome to our website for more information:https://www.jinfupack.com/







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