Quickly Understand Advantages of Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine

Release time:2021-06-16

  Thermal transfer process is a special printing method […]

  Thermal transfer process is a special printing method, and the plastic bucket heat transfer machine is a machine that uses the thermal transfer process for transfer. Thermal transfer processing includes transfer film printing and transfer processing.

   Heat printing film uses dot printing, and then prints patterns on the surface of the film in advance. As a result, the printing pattern layer is rich, ever-changing, small color difference, and good reproducibility, which can meet customer requirements and can be mass-produced.

  The transfer process is that the heat transfer machine transfers the pattern on the transfer film to the surface of other products. After formation, the surface of the ink product is fused, and the pattern is more realistic.

  The heat transfer machine can transfer patterns on cups, metals, glass, etc., and can also transfer patterns on cotton, leather, etc. The transfer patterns on these materials will not cause any damage to the materials. It can transfer a variety of patterns without plate making, plate making and repeated color printing. As long as you need a computer and a universal printer. In this way, material resources and manpower will be greatly reduced. Because the thermal transfer printer is combined with a high-tech computer, the printing area and position can be accurately aligned, and errors caused by personnel operations are also avoided.







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