Operation Tips For Fully Automatic Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Release time:2020-12-28

1: The instrument parameters of fully automatic heat tr […]

1: The instrument parameters of fully automatic heat transfer printing machine must be checked before use to prevent fire hazards due to abnormal temperature. Items whose ignition point is lower than 300 degrees Celsius are forbidden to approach the machine, otherwise it is easy to cause fire.
2. During the operation, it is forbidden to directly contact the skin with the heat source and the roller to prevent scalding. Objects cannot be contacted with the power cord on the pressure plate to prevent the risk of electric shock. The hand must be kept away from the machine entrance.
3. It is forbidden to disassemble the protective covers on both sides of the machine while the machine is in operation to prevent electric shock and chain gears from causing injury.
4. If the machine fails, the owner or electrician must be notified as soon as possible, and unauthorized connection is prohibited.
5. The machine cannot work in unmanned state.







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