Learn How to Maintenance Heat Transfer Paper

Release time:2020-10-12

  Does digital heat transfer paper need maintenance? Di […]

  Does digital heat transfer paper need maintenance? Digital heat transfer paper is one of the main materials of digital heat transfer, in order to ensure the quality, we must pay special attention to the preservation process. Today, I will tell you how to maintain the digital heat transfer paper.

  Moisture-proof: No matter what kind of paper, it is very sensitive to the humidity in the air, and the moisture content of the paper will change with the humidity of the air, so try to put the digital heat transfer paper in a clean and dry place. Can not be stacked close to the wall.

  Anti-folding: The paper should pay attention to anti-folding. When stacking, the four sides of the paper should not be staggered and protruding, otherwise the protruding part will be broken, creped, discolored, etc., so the paper should be neatly stacked.

  Heat protection: The paper contains lignin. When the paper is exposed to the sun, the moisture of the paper will be evaporated, and it will become brittle or deformed.

  Heat release: Note that the storage temperature of the digital thermal transfer paper should not be too high. If it exceeds 38°C, the strength of the paper will decrease significantly. To ensure the strength of the paper, ensure that the storage environment is at 18-20°C.







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