Introduction to Heat Transfer Label

Release time:2020-10-12

The printers most people know are usually needle printi […]

The printers most people know are usually needle printing, inkjet and laser printing, but you may not have noticed that in our surrounding environment, almost all commodities have labels printed by thermal transfer technology, for example, Open the phone case, you can see densely packed with barcode labels inside. Generally, the wheat head of the high-end packaging box has a product label sticker printed by heat transfer, and it usually has a barcode. In addition, when buying clothing, clothing tags are usually printed by thermal transfer printing. Train tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags, etc. purchased at train stations are also printed using thermal transfer technology. Behind almost all electrical products, there are heat transfer label printed using thermal transfer technology. For example, laptop computers have more than one label printed in this way. Why use thermal transfer printing, and how is thermal transfer produced?

Because there are many labels, it must be able to withstand the test of time, remain unchanged for a long time, the characters must be stored for a long time, cannot fade, cannot wear due to contact with solvents, cannot deform or change color due to high temperature, etc., so it is necessary to adopt a special The material of the printing medium and printing materials to ensure these characteristics, the general inkjet printing technology can not achieve, laser printing can not achieve, and the effect of needle punching and the original design can not meet the requirements, so the emergence of thermal transfer technology. Thermal transfer technology, to put it simply, is to use a special thermal transfer ribbon to transfer the toner coating on the thermal transfer ribbon to the For paper or other types of materials, since the coating material on the thermal transfer ribbon can be selected according to needs, it will produce strong adhesion. Coupled with the choice of printing media, it can better ensure that the printed handwriting is not affected by external influences. influences. The heating process, how to heat it, can be controlled by the computer. At present, since various software for printing labels has been developed, it can be said to be very convenient for users, especially for general labels. Bar codes must be generated, and the generation of bar code symbols has therefore become an essential tool for such software.

The general printer design is usually designed for the size of A4 paper. In order to print labels on such paper, some people must order separately, which is very uneconomical. Moreover, for factories, sometimes the number of prints must be reached in one hour. Thousands of prints, these existing printers on the market are unable to complete, so design a printer capable of continuous and rapid printing for small papers came into being. Taking the common printers on the market, it can print up to 10 meters in length per minute. If a label is 2 cm high, it can print 500 sheets per minute.

The dedicated thermal transfer label printer is more than that. It also meets the needs of the factory. It can be combined with a barcode scanner or a keyboard and can be operated independently. It does not necessarily need a personal computer to operate. Just like the current photo printer, it can be directly operated. Read the data, no longer rely on the computer, saving additional investment in the factory.

The quality of a thermal transfer printer determines the effect of thermal transfer printing. When purchasing a thermal transfer label printer, in addition to considering the price, you must also consider the quality. When buying, you must pay attention to whether there is a manufacturer’s Attention should be paid to technical support, after-sales service guarantee, and the technical ability of the seller, because label printing is often printed on relatively special materials, and the printing volume is larger than the average home printer, and the operating environment is more complicated. Although some imported printers are gorgeous in appearance, because there are no formal offices in China, most of them are imported and sold by some part-time informal agents. The after-sales service and the purchase of spare parts are often unable to meet the needs of customers. When there is a problem with the product, repair Accessories have become a major test. It is likely that when the product has quality problems or needs to be replaced after the warranty period, the product has been discontinued abroad for a long time. In addition, it is particularly important to choose the right thermal transfer printing material. The most expensive thing is not necessarily the most suitable thing, because it must be compatible with both the thermal transfer label printer and the thermal transfer printing medium.







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