Introduction Of Hot Stamping Machine

Release time:2020-03-26

  Hot stamping has become one of the most common method […]

  Hot stamping has become one of the most common methods for printing designs onto a variety of materials. Mid-Atlantic Packaging uses it as one of our custom bag printing methods, and you can even use the right equipment for hot stamping at home. So what is hot stamping and why is it so popular? Let's take a look at the basis of this letterpress printing technology.

  The hot stamping process involves heating the mold or engraving the image and then pressing it down between the items with a marking foil. The foil will be transferred to any position in contact with the mold. Most printers use hot stamping machines to produce plastic, but they are also effective for paper and wood. Although this process is longer and more expensive than screen printing, it has many advantages. This is a drying process that reduces the risk of mixing inks and bleeding. The durability of hot foil embossing is also incredible-the design and color will remain the same under conditions that may damage fewer prints.

  When using a hot stamping machine, the most important thing is to choose the right mold for your artwork. Printers usually use metal or silicone rubber molds. Metal hot stampers can be made of magnesium, copper, brass or hardened steel. Magnesium is the cheapest but least durable metal, while hardened steel is the most expensive and durable metal. The advantage of rubber molds is greater flexibility for uneven surfaces. Choose softer rubber for larger, less detailed artwork, and harder molds for more detailed designs.







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