How to Use Hot Stamp Foil?

Release time:2020-06-22

Hot stamping is not a difficult process. In fact, hot s […]

Hot stamping is not a difficult process. In fact, hot stamping foil only requires three things: a hot stamping press, a metal die, and a foil or ribbon to add color.

The press heats up the metal die and is used to exert the downward pressure needed to make the mark. Here is an example of a decorative foil stamping printer. The hot stamping die, or type, is a piece of metal that has been manufactured with a letter, number, symbol, trademark, or logo. You can see some examples of dies and type here. Foils and ribbons are solid pieces of pigmented ink on a carrier that become transferable to another surface when heated. You can see some examples here.

hot-stamp-ink-rolls.jpgHow each press works is specific to that model, but in general you activate the press, the die or type heats up, the press engages the heated die, presses downward onto the substrate you are marking, and transfers the color from the ink rolls, foil, or ribbon that is directly over the raised portions of the die. This basic method for hot stamping can be used to customize nearly any design or logo, inlcuding numbers or letters.

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