How To Use Heat Press Machine?

Release time:2020-04-17

a. Turn on the power button b. Use the up and down arro […]

a. Turn on the power button

b. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the time and temperature of your heat press to the level you want to use.

c. Bring out the material you want to press and carefully place it flat on the bottom plate of your heat press. By doing this, you are practically stretching the material

d. Prep the material for heat by warming it up.

e. Bring down the handle; allow it to rest on the fabric for at least 5 seconds.

f. Start the press by pressing the button on the machine's digital timer if your own comes with one. When the alarm blows, stop it so that you can reset the timer.

g. Raise-up the handle of your heat press machine to open it up and get it ready for printing.

h. Put the shirt or material you want to print on face down and lay the transfer paper on it.

i. Bring down the press machine handle firmly so that it will lock in place.

j. Set the timer according to the instructions on the transfer paper you are using.

k. Lift up the handle of the press to open the press and remove the transfer paper from your material.

l. Then give it like 24 hours for the print to lock before you can wash the cloth.

If you follow this guide step by step plus your heat press machine’s user manual, you will always get the best output from your press machine.







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