How To Operate Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine?

Release time:2020-07-06

Operating instructions editing for plastic bucket heat […]

Operating instructions editing for plastic bucket heat transfer machine
1. Manually plug in the power supply, turn on the power switch, and the power indicator will be on.
2. Adjust the thermostat to the required temperature. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the indication on the upper part of the thermostat will be off, and then the work can be started.
3. Adjust the time controller to the desired time.
4. Put the clothes flat on the lower ironing board, then put on the ironing paper (pay attention to the front and back of the paper), and press the handle down until the end. Note: do not force more than 30kg, otherwise the handle may be deformed.
5. When the time of hot stamping time controller is up, the buzzer will ring, that is, the handle is lifted up to the original position.

Matters needing attention:
1. Pressure: if the pressure is not enough or too large, adjust the pressure adjusting knob behind the machine to increase the pressure clockwise; otherwise, reduce the pressure;
2. Time: when the hot stamping time reaches and the buzzer does not sound or keeps ringing, if it is not appropriate, it must be adjusted to the appropriate position;
3. Temperature: when the temperature is adjusted, the pointer of the temperature controller is at the position of "180 ℃ (about 5 minutes). If the thermometer is turned on and the heating plate is not heated, please check the circuit.
4. When the handle is pressed down to the bottom, the hand will release and the handle will rise up automatically. Please adjust the adjustment knob downward.
5. When hot stamping is finished and the handle is hard to lift up, the adjustment knob can be adjusted downward.








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