How To Load The Materials On The Heat Press Machine?

Release time:2020-05-15

Make sure that your garment is straightened when loadin […]

Make sure that your garment is straightened when loading it onto the heat press machine. If you carelessly load a wrinkled fabric onto the heat press machine, you will surely get a crooked design as your output.

So unless you want to chase your clients away, take proper care when loading your garments. You may ask, how can I achieve that?

i. First of all, properly align the tag of your garment to the back of your heat press machine.

ii. Go to the section that will direct a laser onto to your garment.

iii. Make sure to Test the Print: It is advisable to first do a test on a regular paper or an unused garment before applying it to your transfer paper. Making a preview of your printing on an ordinary paper allows you to experiment.

You will get the idea of the outcome of your artwork. Another important thing to do is to properly stretch every garment you want to print on to make sure that your prints do not have cracks in them.

iv. Get hold of the Perfect Transfer Paper vinyl: this is the first thing you should do before going ahead to print your Tees. Make sure that the transfer paper you got is the perfect match for the design of your printer.

When you go into the market, you will be surprised to find out that there are assorted brands of transfer papers. Some transfer papers are made for inkjet printers while others are made for laser printers.

Therefore, carry out a thorough research to make sure that the transfer paper you are acquiring is the proper one for your printer. Also, bear in mind that the transfer paper for a white T-shirt is quite different from the one you will use to print on a black T-shirt.

So you see, in your research for transfer papers, many things are involved than just buying the transfer paper that will match your heat press machine.

v. Another important factor to consider is taking Proper care of your Heat-pressed Garment. It is important to take very good care of our already heat-pressed T-shirts if you want them to last very long.

Tips on how to Achieve that:

1. When you are washing it, turn it inside out before washing to prevent friction and rubbing.

2. Avoid the use of a dryer to dry them rather hang them out to dry?

3. Making use of harsh detergents to wash them is not advisable.

4. Do not leave damp shirts in your closet to avoid molds.

If you these instructions religiously, you will be able to prevent unnecessary damage to your already pressed shirts.







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