How to Choose the Bronzing Substrate for Manual Hot Stamping Machine?

Release time:2021-01-04

With the high added value of a series of countless manu […]

With the high added value of a series of countless manual hot stamping machine today, the hot stamping process is deeply loved by packaging design and packaging printing producers. However, as market demand continues to increase, products and technologies continue to innovate, and there are more and more types of bronzing materials, as a printer, how do we choose a bronzing substrate product that suits us from the many products?

Whether the selected bronzing paper matches the bronzing substrate is the key to the success of the pneumatic flat bronzing machine. Therefore, the substrate determines the choice of bronzing paper. At present, the commonly used plastic substrates that require hot stamping are mainly ABS, PP, PE, PVC (soft and hard), PC, PS, PU, ​​TPR, TPU, Saigang, nylon, bakelite, etc.; there are also paper ( It can be divided into coated paper, plain paper, coated paper, etc.), wood (whether it has been painted or log), clothing printing, etc. The bronzing materials suitable for each substrate can be selected to ensure the smooth progress of the bronzing process.

Due to the different elasticity of the release layer of the bronzing paper, the size of the bronzing area of ​​the manual bronzing machine is also very important for the selection of bronzing paper. Generally, bronzing paper can be divided into fine printing, medium and small area color blocks, large area color blocks, and multiple areas. For hot stamping, printers should choose products with the same area when choosing products.







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