How To Choose Heat Press Machine?

Release time:2020-07-06

Such as the purchase of Gbao heat press machine goods, […]

Such as the purchase of Gbao heat press machine goods, usually from the commodity function, function and cost, manufacturer reliability and other aspects to consider
Traditional heating methods are steam heating and electric heating. Steam heating has the advantages of fast heating, high heating temperature and simple operation, but pressure boiler is needed. The pipeline pressure is high, and the steam is easy to condense into water, resulting in uneven plate surface temperature; electric heating has the characteristics of fast heating, high heating temperature and simple control, but it consumes large electricity and has high operating costs.
Heat transfer oil heating: high heat capacity, uniform temperature, can be heated to a very high temperature under atmospheric pressure, low heat loss. The heating channel of hot medium flow in hot pressing plate is usually not paid attention to by the furniture industry. Accurate loop planning should be based on
The criterion of uniform heat transfer and heat transfer is favorable for heat transfer.
The hydraulic system of hot press has two basic work requirements: applying pressure to the workpiece and moving the hot pressing plate to complete specific movement. The stability of quick closing and pressure maintaining is an important target to evaluate the function of hydraulic system.
The above three aspects are the purchase of hot press need to understand, so as to purchase the machine with excellent aspiration.







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