How to Choose CNSS Reflective Heat Transfer Printing Film?

Release time:2021-08-23

As we all know, reflective heat transfer logo is widely […]

As we all know, reflective heat transfer logo is widely used in all kinds of garments. These reflective logos are made from the reflective heat transfer film. However, its washing fastness is depended on the backing fabrics and operation methods, not like the sewn on reflective tapes. So how to choose a right heat transfer reflective film which is suitable for your backing fabric becomes very important.

We now have several different quality reflective heat transfer printing film to offer. Some can only be heated transfer onto knitted, polyester, non-stretchable and non-waterproof fabrics; Some can only be heated transfer onto stretchable and non-waterproof fabrics; some can only be heated transfer onto waterproof fabric etc. What's more, different quality heat transfer reflective films require different operation methods, such as the temperature, line pressure and dwell time are all different. So before buying the heat transfer reflective film, customers should let us know what's on the backing fabric you will use? What's your machine? In this way, our sales team can recommend and give you the detail suggested operational methods. It will be great if you can send the backing fabric to our test lab to do the washing test.

Now we also have a new rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl to offer. It is highly welcomed. If you need any free sample, kindly please contact us to get more information.







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