How to Apply Heat Transfer Foil to T-Shirts?

Release time:2020-04-10

Foil transfers are a great way to add dimension to your […]

Foil transfers are a great way to add dimension to your blank t-shirts and apparel. The process is pretty simple, the required supplies are minimal, and the outcome is awesome. With a quality roll of foil, foil adhesive or plastisol ink, and a heat press- you’re all set!

The first step in applying heat transfer foil is to screenprint your desired image area using special foil adhesive or conventional plastisol ink. Foil adhesive is designed specifically to adhere foil to the garment, but you can also use plastisol ink too.

One trick to consider is adding a small amount of plastisol ink to your foil adhesive that is the same color as your foil. This will tint your adhesive and help camouflage any unwanted pinholes in your foil. For example, if you’re printing red foil, use a small amount of red plastisol ink to tint your adhesive.

Once you’ve screenprinted the image area you’d like to apply foil to, apply your foil to the t-shirt, dull side down and shiny side up, and use your heat press to adhere the foil.

The application time, temperature, and pressure will vary depending on the type of foil that you use and we always recommend reviewing the foil manufacturer’s guidelines. Generally speaking, you’re looking at approximately 5-10 seconds, using medium pressure on t-shirts and medium to heavy pressure on sweatshirts, at 280-375 degrees. Again, it is very important to refer to the foil manufacturer’s guidelines and start by using a lower temperature first.

After using your heat press to apply your foil transfer, immediately rub the foil using an eraser to remove any unwanted wrinkles. Once you’ve allowed it to cool completely, approximately 25-35 seconds, carefully peel the foil off of your garment. Once you’ve completed this final step, you’re done!

Your foil will appear most vibrant after initially applying it, but in order to preserve its shine, it’s important to be mindful of how you wash it. Hand-washing or washing on a delicate cycle inside out is important, as well as hanging to dry. Doing this will help maintain the life of your garment and keep you looking sharp.

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