Hot Stamping: A Heat Transfer Technology That Has Advantages And Disadvantages

Release time:2021-12-31

   Hot stamping hot printing technology, commonly known […]

   Hot stamping hot printing technology, commonly known as hot stamping, is a special printing process that does not use ink. It uses a certain pressure and temperature to use the template installed on the hot stamping machine to make the printed matter and hot stamping foil or hot stamping paper receive each other in a short time. Press to transfer the metal foil or pigment foil to the surface of the hot-stamped print according to the graphics and text of the hot stamping template. Because of its unique surface decoration effect, it is loved by the public, and its unique surface decoration comes from bronzing paper.

 Generally speaking, there are several ways to make items get the golden effect.

1) Gilt (gilt) gold: apply gold mercury solution (gold dissolved in liquid mercury) to the place to be decorated, and then dry (mercury volatilizes) to leave the effect of gold coating, and then properly process and polish it. If necessary, this process will be repeated many times to achieve the best results.

2) Gold plating: Use electrolysis or other chemical methods to make gold adhere to the surface of metal or other objects to form a thin layer of gold.

3) Paste gold: Paste gold leaf on the place that needs decoration.

4) Gold coating: The gold is beaten into thin slices (thicker than gold foil), wrapped on the carcass, and then beaten with a hammer to make the surface of the carcass uneven.

5) Wrong gold: It is generally decorated on metal, basically inlaid with gold wire or gold flakes.

6) Hot stamping: The ancient method uses real gold, uses some adhesives to adhere, uses gold foil to adhere, and then locally heats so that the gold foil is completely integrated with the attached object. Modern bronzing basically no longer uses real gold.

7) Sprinkle gold: Basically, simply attach with gold powder.

8) Trace gold: Use gold powder ink to trace and draw for the effect. The ancient method uses real gold powder, and the modern method uses synthetic materials or copper powder.

As a heat transfer technology used in modern industrial fields, bronzing has its own advantages and disadvantages compared with other printing technologies. There are five advantages: 1. Hot stamping products on the whole surface, no ink residue;

2. No unpleasant odors such as ink, and no air pollution; 3. Color patterns can be stamped at one time to reduce loss; the four procedures are simple, the production management and flow are smooth, and the product quality insurance coefficient is large; Five processing range is wide, suitable for paper, wood, plastic, leather, etc.

 As for the shortcomings, there are three: First, it is not suitable for hot stamping substrates with uneven surface or matte surface; Second, it is not suitable for hot stamping metal, glass, ceramic, nylon, and other products, unless it is painted or screen-printed first; Third, its covering effect is not as good as pad printing and screen printing.

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