GB-AY16-8D-A Automatic Pen Making Heat Transfer Machine

Release time:2021-12-17

   The machine size of this automatic pen heat transfer […]

   The machine size of this automatic pen heat transfer machine is 130 cm × 130 cm × 170 cm. The size is moderate and the appearance is generous. It reflects the requirements of the design. The maximum size of the product that can be printed is 16cm × 8cm, and the maximum printing height is 3.5. cm, the maximum printing speed can reach 30-60 times per minute. This printing speed can meet most printing needs. And it can be used normally in the temperature range of 0-300℃, with powerful functions, good performance, and favorable price. The general precautions for the use of heat transfer machine:

  1. Pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, adjust the pressure adjusting knob after the calibration machine to increase the pressure in a clockwise direction; otherwise, reduce the pressure.
  2. Time: When the hot stamping time is reached, the buzzer does not sound or keeps sounding. If it is not well, it must be adjusted to an appropriate position.
  3. Temperature: When the adjusted temperature is reached, the pointer of the thermostat is at "180°C" (approximately 5 minutes to reach). If the thermometer rises and the heating plate does not heat up, please check the circuit.
  4. When the handle is pressed down to the end, let go of the hand and the handle automatically rises, please adjust the adjustment knob down.
  5. When the hot stamping is finished and the handle is lifted up and feels difficult, the adjustment knob can be adjusted downwards.

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