Do You Know What Hot Stamping Foil Is?

Release time:2020-08-03

The is the process used to print hot foil labels or hot […]

The is the process used to print hot foil labels or hot stamp labels, among other products. It may sometimes be referred to as hot stamping or foil stamping and is a fantastic way of producing high-quality luxury labels.

The process involves the use of a hot stamping machine, where a die is heated and the product to be stamped is placed below it. The die is then pressed through a metallized or painted roll leaf carrier and the dry paint or foil is impressed into the surface of the product, in this case a label. Because the materials involved are dry, hot foil stamping is a non-polluting process.

The origins of Hot Foil Stamping date way back to the 1890's, when it was used on leather and paper. Today it is more frequently used on plastic, and of course, to create labels!

Typical Applications of Hot Foil Stamping Include:

Food and beverage products
Health and beauty items
Pharmaceutical containers
Luxury and gourmet goods
Tobacco products
Wine and spirit bottle labels
Security labels
Everyone involved in printing, from providers to customers, has at some point seen and admired an eye-catching hot stamp label — they are created to be noticed! The process is universal, and employed with a wide range of pressure-sensitive products such as labels, decals, and bar codes.

Hot foil stamping is a very effective procedure for a label that requires a more complex, elaborate design with fine lines and smaller images, since the die to be used will maintain the clarity of the edges. This procedure lends a label a decorative finish and is often associated with higher-end products, so it can be a very effective marketing tool to set your product apart and catch the consumer's gaze.

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