Do you know about the use of heat transfer machines?

Release time:2021-12-13

     When you decide how to print images on clothing or […]

     When you decide how to print images on clothing or textiles, you need a technology that is efficient, cost-effective and meets the finish standards that customers expect. Screen printing and thermal transfer are two popular methods, but to choose the most suitable technology, it is important to have a thorough understanding of both. Here is a brief introduction to thermal transfer:

    The heat press or heat transfer machine is a popular machine for gift printing business owners. Used to transfer patterns to T-shirts, hats, ceramic plates, and other gift products. The function is similar to ironing, but using a heat press can save time and manpower. Usually, heat transfer takes less than 5 minutes to transfer the design to the product. Before the transfer process, preheat the machine to a suitable temperature. As mentioned above, not every gift product uses the same machine, ink, and sublimation paper. This also applies to the combination of heat and pressure. Each instruction must be followed carefully to ensure that you can successfully transfer the image to the product. Otherwise, you need to re-make it, and the production cost will increase.

 The basic operation process of thermal transfer is as follows: 1. Preheat the heat press; 2. Set the machine according to the indicated pressure: low, medium, or high; 3. Place and position the transfer paper accordingly. Press and heat to follow the given Guide time; 4. When it is removed from the press, you can carefully peel it off according to the guide. I have to say that when using new machines, new transfers, or new materials (such as T-shirts or fabric types), be sure to test some samples to ensure that you can consistently reproduce the correct temperature and pressure. With these guidelines, no matter what your product line consists of, whether you are selling shirts, mugs, hats, or other items, you can make a good start in producing some beautiful-looking products.

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