Daily Cleaning Work of Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine

Release time:2021-01-11

If you want to use thermal transfer technology on plast […]

If you want to use thermal transfer technology on plastic bucket heat transfer machine, you must also be equipped with a thermal transfer printer. In fact, the thermal transfer machine is not easy to malfunction. As long as it is used normally, there will be no major problems, but the printer is still easy to appear. Problems such as clogging may have a great impact on subsequent use. Therefore, if we want to ensure that the heat transfer work is not affected in any way, we must do a good job of cleaning, the quality of the printer is excellent, and the long-term use effect is guaranteed. We must not ignore the daily basic cleaning work. So how to complete the cleaning of the printer?

The nozzle must be cleaned if it is not used for a long time
Regardless of the frequency of use of the thermal transfer printer, we should do the basic cleaning work, especially when the printer is not used for a long time, the nozzle and ink cartridges should be cleaned. If you really don’t use the printer for a month or two, you must first pull out the ink cartridge and do internal cleaning. Similarly, the nozzle of the printer needs to be cleaned, and then protection and maintenance must be done so as to ensure that the use of the equipment is not affected.

Clean after printing problems
When using thermal transfer printers on a daily basis, we should also do a good job of basic cleaning. If there are any problems in the printing process, we should definitely do basic cleaning to ensure some protection. If there are some stains, or there are some color problems, or the printing is not clear enough, it should be cleaned and processed in time to ensure the long-term use of the printer.







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