Custom Heat Printing With Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine

Release time:2020-12-14

1.Acquire Necessary Supplies – we’ve got a complete sho […]

1.Acquire Necessary Supplies – we’ve got a complete shopping list of plastic bucket heat transfer machine for you below!
2.Create Your Design – using graphic design software, mock up your design on a computer. Make sure to take size and ink color into consideration.
3.Print Your Design – your company logo or custom design is printed onto special heat transfer paper using inkjet ink, pigment ink or sublimation ink depending on the product and application.
4.Cut Out Your Design – a vinyl cutter is used to trim your image. This is only necessary for printed, supplier, and store-bought transfers and is not a part of our process.
5.Warm Up the Heat Press – open the press and separate the heat platen from your heat pad and leave it open while your heat platen is warming up. For most heat transfer applications, the temperature should be set between 350 to 375°F (177 to 191°C).
6.Adjust the Pressure – the pressure of the press is based on the thickness of the fabric; thicker fabric requires less pressure. For most projects, medium or high pressure is used.
7.Set the Time – this is important because there are different times associated with different types of heat transfer. You can use the timing below as a guide:
Inkjet Transfer Paper: 14 – 18 seconds
Dye Sublimation Transfer: 25 – 30 seconds
Digital Appliqué Transfer: 20 – 30 seconds
Vinyl Transfer: 45 – 60 seconds
8.Set the Substrate & Transfer in Place – position your product onto the plate and place the transfer paper face up on the desired location of your product within the pressing area. For applique transfer and vinyl transfer you will need to cover the transfer paper with a thin cloth to protect it.
9.Press the Product – once your product is in place, close the press by pulling the handle down to clamp the press shut. By now your time, temperature and pressure should be set, so it’s as easy as pressing the start button.
10.Remove the Film – after the timer goes off simply open the press and remove the film while the transfer paper is still hot and your design should be printed onto your product. Just like that, your heat pressed custom apparel is complete!







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