Creative Using Ideas For T Shirt Heat Transfer Paper

Release time:2020-06-12

The heat transfer paper is a really creative paper on w […]

The heat transfer paper is a really creative paper on which you can print text or an image using your inkjet printer and then transfer your artwork to fabric in a few simple steps. Coming in a range of sizes and colour options, transfer paper is suited to everything from the smallest to the biggest creative fabric print job you can dream up. Choose from A3 or A4 size depending on your project (and your printer). In terms of equipment, all you’ll need to create arty wearables is a pc, a printer, normal ink and an iron. Also well suited for use with professional heat presses.

T Shirt transfer paper comes either for light or dark fabrics which are suited to (as the name suggests) light and dark backgrounds as well as a glitter option. What’s more it’s even possible to buy complete kits with everything you’ll need in one pack to get down and get creative on bags and tee shirts.

All you need to do to turn your creative ideas into funky, fun wear is to get your image on to your pc either by scanning it or creating it in a design package and then printing it on to your fabric transfer paper ready to be applied to your garment. Easy to use, economical and fun, transfer iron on paper comes with full, easy to follow instructions and allows you to magically turn your ideas into wearable art.

Once you’ve bought your paper and decided whether you want to use it for business or pleasure, the world really is your oyster design-wise. Only you can decide whether you want to print something cool and classic or something fun and funky, deciding to go wild with colour or to stay strictly monochrome. Using a simple drawing package on your pc (even MS word will do just fine) you can create great design effects in no time at all or you can use photos from your digital camera as your base, the choice is yours.

With transfer paper you can print logos on tee shirts for your business or for your hen or stag doo; you can print up some aprons to help promote your catering business or let your kids doodle ‘til their heart’s content to create a bag they’ll proudly use for their gym kit and so much more. If your team has a uniform, with fabric transfer paper you can shout your logo and your slogan for the world to hear from all sorts of different items like sweatshirts, tee shirts and even umbrellas. Or, if you’re going to a christening, what better gift than a personalised cot sheet or pram cover?







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