How to achieve custom printing? Start by understanding the heat transfer

Release time:2019-08-04

In recent years, we have seen that the custom personali […]

In recent years, we have seen that the custom personalization market is very popular, especially digital thermal transfer technology, which is quite popular among users. So what is digital thermal transfer? Today we will talk about how digital thermal transfer is achieved.
Digital thermal transfer technology is a new technology formed by combining digital printing based on traditional thermal transfer. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as our common cotton fabric, PVC, glass, wood, metal, etc.
Compared to traditional thermal transfer technology, the biggest difference between digital thermal transfer is the application of digital printing technology for inkjet printing. Therefore, the plate manufacturing process is eliminated and one can be printed. This also makes the field of digital thermal transfer flowers have unique advantages.
However, since a normal four-color printer cannot print in white, when the printed element is white, the printing effect may be a chromatic aberration. For example, when printing a color print on a black T-shirt, chromatic aberration occurs due to interference with the black background.
In recent years, in the personalized personalization market, a special process of digital thermal transfer firefighting is emerging, today we will talk about digital thermal transfer in detail and teach you how to operate.
Therefore, a printer that prints patterns and blank text is required at this time and should be suitable for small volume user applications.







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