Choose Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine Depending On 5 Criteria

Release time:2021-08-12

To make an easy choice on plastic bucket heat transfer […]

To make an easy choice on plastic bucket heat transfer machine, you have to focus on one only question : what do you need ?

To define your need, it must be based on several criteria :

1. Frequency of use
You will use your press once a week ? Once or several times a day ? Every day ? It is important to define the nature of your activity : occasional, daily or intensive.

2. The quantity for each series
To supplement the previous criterion, you have to evaluate the number of items in every series. Are the series small (around 50/100 items), medium (100/300 items), big (more than 300 items) ?

3. The type of textile to be pressed
If you want transfers on T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks or even caps, the needs will not be the same, and the heat press to use will be different too. For example ; if you only want to press a big quantity of caps, you should choose a cap-specialized press.

4. The dimension of the plates
Depending on the type of textile to be pressed, the dimension of the needed plates for a better application is variable. The larger is your textile, the larger the plates should be. If you have to press several types of textiles, you can now buy several plate dimensions for an only heat press machine.

Ask your customized plate size !

5. And of course, financial resources
Of course, beyond the press use, the essential criterion is the price. It is not a secret, the heat-press price is often a quality guarantee. But there is no use to buy a very expensive press if it is not suitable for the use you plan. This is why it is so important to define your need in heat press machine before any purchase.







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