Choose a Proper Temperature When Making the Hot Stamping Foil

Release time:2020-09-28

The best temperature for processing hot stamping with h […]

The best temperature for processing hot stamping with hot stamping foil is 95-135 degrees. Please choose different types of hot stamping foil for trial hot stamping according to different hot stamping substrates and patterns. The hot stamping area is more extensive, of which there are three types, one is hot stamping of small strokes (for small areas); the second is 6×6 mm hot stamping (general); the third is 10×10 mm hot stamping (for large areas) ).

1.Hot stamping temperature. Flat ironing-silicone mold: 160 to 190 degrees; flat ironing-metal mold: 130 to 150 degrees; piping hot-silicone mold: 170 to 190 degrees; piping hot-metal mold: 160 to 180 degrees.

2.Hot stamping pressure and stamping time. The bronzing paste is screen-printed on the material, and then bake at about 150 degrees for 5-10 minutes, then bronzing; temperature 140-160℃, time 15-25 seconds, pressure 4kg/cm2 or more (flat ironing); temperature 180℃ , Time 1 second, pressure 4kg/cm2 (piping hot).

3.When the hot stamping machine heats up to the normal temperature, the hot stamping foil still cannot be hot or peeled off cleanly. There are two reasons:

(1) Hot stamping paper is not suitable for hot stamping the substrate

(2) If the hot stamping temperature is not enough, it can be tested by heating again. If the hot stamping temperature becomes too high if it turns blue after hot stamping, it can be properly cooled down and hot again.

4.Do not wipe the gilded surface with your hands after hot stamping. It is recommended to do a washing test after 24 hours for the best results.

When choosing a hot stamping foil, you must pay attention to matching the hot stamping substrate. The Venus 400 hot stamping paper imported from the United States is not suitable for hot stamping in the ink layer, while the 338 type hot stamping imported from Germany Paper has better binding fastness, and some other domestic brands of hot stamping paper also have models suitable for hot stamping in the long ink layer. When users choose hot stamping paper, in addition to considering the brilliance and price of the hot stamping paper, the hot stamping substrate and its surface condition must be explained to the supplier.







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