Benefits of Heat Transfer Paper

Release time:2020-04-24

Transfer Paper is actually a paper, not a vinyl! All yo […]

Transfer Paper is actually a paper, not a vinyl! All you need is a small desktop printer, like a laser or inkjet printer found in many home offices. Common brands that work well include: OKI, Samsung, Canon, Brother, and Epson.

Now that you know what equipment is required for using heat transfer paper, let’s talk about the benefits!

As you already know, an inexpensive laser or inkjet printer is all that is needed. Plus, you don’t need any special inks! Use the same printer and ink that you use at home for printing documents.
Transfer Paper allows for full-color designs with a single layer. You don't need multiple layers of vinyl, which means only one press! Plus, you can get looks that are not possible using regular heat transfer vinyl.
Transfer Paper will adhere to your everyday garments, such as cotton, polyester, and blends!
You can expect fairly good washability with Transfer Paper. We’re talking about 25-30 washes if you follow the proper care instructions. Please note that when you approach the 25-30 wash point, you can expect fading and cracking.
Transfer Paper is very cost effective for doing many garments. Prices range from about $1-$2 per sheet depending on what size you are using.

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