Applications of Plastic Bucket Heat Transfer Machine Are Introduced

Release time:2020-11-23

Nowadays, more and more variable information needs to b […]

Nowadays, more and more variable information needs to be printed on pharmaceutical labels. In order to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical product packaging, product labels must be printed with information such as the product batch number and expiration date. Traditional ribbon coding machines are no longer satisfactory for pharmaceutical label printing. To meet the demand, pharmaceutical companies must consider new methods for printing pharmaceutical labels.

For pharmaceutical companies using plastic bucket heat transfer machine, it is necessary to stop the machine to replace the printing plate or the characters every time they print. The frequency of replacing the ribbon is also very high, and due to technical limitations, the ribbon is broken, the printing effect and the attached Factors such as poor focus have greatly increased the cost of pharmaceutical manufacturers, reduced production efficiency, and affected the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

To this end, some pharmaceutical manufacturers have begun to use digital thermal transfer technology. The thermal transfer printer consists of a print head, a printing ribbon and a controller. The label is transferred to the label through the ribbon, and then large-area or multi-line information printing is realized. Because of its advantages in speed, printing quality and printing area, it is the best solution for variable coding with flexible raw materials. At present, digital thermal transfer technology is gradually occupying the flexographic variable label printing market with a rapid offensive, and is an ideal label printing solution for pharmaceutical labels.







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